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Dangerfield's 1_23
Performance History: List

Comedy Festivals

YAAAS! Fest (New York, NY) @ Broadway Comedy Club, 11/21/19 - 9/23/21 - 10/7/21

Boston Comedy Festival (Virtual), 12/2/20 (Prelims) & 12/4/20 (Semifinals)

Burbank Comedy Festival (Burbank, CA), 8/15/21 & 8/16/21, Best of the Fest Designation

Burbank Comedy Festival (Burbank, CA), 8/16, 8/17, and 8/20, Best of the Fest Designation

Comedy Clubs & Venues

Broadway Comedy Club (New York, NY), Dangerfield's (New York, NY), Eastville Comedy Club (Brooklyn, NY), Flappers Comedy Club (Burbank, CA), Greenwich Village Comedy Club (New York, NY), RoleCall Theatre (Atlanta, GA), The Actors Company (Los Angeles, CA), The Comedy Nook (Los Angeles, CA), The Stand (New York, NY), The Triad Theatre (New York, NY), Transplants Brewing Company (Palmdale, CA)

Virtual Comedy Shows

Flappers Comedy Club - Virtual Headliner 4/24/21 and 5/28/21
The Comedy Studio (Boston, MA), 2/18/21

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